05 décembre 2010

Testing Libox, a streaming and sharing tools for all your media... A fail


I tried Libox and would like to share my feelings after 3 days of use.
It took 3 days to index all my files with CPU at 80% excepted all my divx (1To) ! It doesnt nether stream music nor videos to my iPad (3.2) and iPhone (iOS4.1) ("this movie could not be played" !). Videos and photos are all mixed together. The soft doesn't tell what it does, there no options at all. I don't understand what it does when you chose to trash pictures on the iPad/iPhone/web : does it trash the original one on the main computer ? Why isn't there any confirmation when you trash (very dangerous with my children !). What does it do if you add a 2nd main computer with files on it ? Do it mix and sync files between computers ? Nothing is explained when you do so : it starts to "index" all the files. Dot.
Most of all, I didn't manage to remove sync folders, or to do something else than adding folders. I didn't know for each folder how many files it took and how many are still to be indexed. It starts to act like Picasa when it indexes lots of unwanted files from every soft installed on my machine with no way to prevent that. And for the DivX, becose Libox convert everything (to flv ? don't know) in order to be able to stream files in a portable format (I gess), I think it is a bad idea to index those, becose it would take ages and took so much space on your disk ! -- edit : not true --
This soft is a great idea, but, for me, it is still in a so early stage that I don't recommand anybody to install it for the moment (but maybe you will not experience so much issues) . It make me the same feeling that Orb.com made me 3 years ago (don't know how it is now, thought).